Prizetech – Show Room

It’s the worlds first prize insurance showroom but that’s only the start.


“Amazing”, “incredible” and “phenomenal” are a few of the adjectives used to describe our prize insurance showroom.


Our Unique Prize Insurance Showroom


It’s pretty awesome, a showroom full of promotional insurance products. And so much more, a dice table that doubles as a meeting table, Draw Till You Win in physical and electronic form, can you crack the safe? Or can you win at 99 Bottles of Beer. So much more, like our favourite – lucky duck in a pond that could win up to $1,000,000.


Then again visitors love the iconic Laughing Clowns which seem to appeal to all ages. Who will get 5 balls into the right alley to win millions?


You really have to get into our office in South Melbourne to see first hand some of the awesome insured promotions we have available. Apart from being the only prize insurance showroom in the world you’ll leave with lots more ideas, you’ll leave with a more detailed knowledge of prize promotions and we have the best popcorn and coffee.