Promotion Insurance and Prize Insurance

Promotion Insurance allows you to control the cost of your promotional activities. It’s a form of risk management by that limits your potential payout by using Prize Insurance.

Providing a large cash prize or a car or boat or even paying off a mortgage – all of these enticing prizes are offered using our prize insurance which is also known as contest insurance or prize indemnity insurance.

You simply pay a small fixed premium  – if the prize is won we pay, you don’t!

So you can leverage a modest budget using contest prize insurance, to offer an exciting and enticing prize which can transform your promotion. The creative use of prize indemnity insurance is unlimited, you’ll see many examples on here or Prizetech can design something special for you.

Each year there are more than 60,000 trade promotions in Australia so it’s increasingly difficult getting noticed. So you should use our prize insurance to offer eye-catching prizes for your events.

How do we do it? We provide contest prize insurance (or prize indemnity insurance) with the security of the leading global insurance market, Lloyd’s. So where a contest prize insurance is won the insurance company pays. You lock in a fixed cost irrespective of the final payout – if the insured prize is won, we pay out the lucky winner.

Insured Prize Promotion – What Can We Do?

Whatever your budget we’ll work with you to provide a really special insured prize promotion and we’ll help you with all the legal compliance. Even compliant draw technology is all in-house at Prizetech.

To help you run a really successful event we’ll assist you with the concept, the legal compliance, the prize indemnity insurance and even sourcing the prizes which are the subject of the contest prize insurance if you need it.

Or where you have a great idea for a prize promotion we’ll help with the implementation, getting the event going, the compliance and the contest prize insurance can all be completed within two days.

Where Can We Do It?

Our primary area is Australia wide so most of our contest prize insurance runs through Australia, but we have clients elsewhere in Asia while our insured prize promotion draw technology is increasing being used in many Western countries. So use the contact tab above, we’ll be back to you within a day.

Prizetech’s Promotion Insurance – Your Perfect Partner

Prizetech provides you with a complete Promotion Insurance package. You don’t need to worry about the legal compliance, terms, and conditions or draw technology – because we do it all. This includes :

  1. Your permit, in one state or nationally as required
  2. Terms and Conditions, a critical component needed for compliance. And the part most people hate doing.
  3. Draw technology – online or offline, venue or major event. Our proprietary draw technology has all been developed in Australia to meet the regulatory obligations in Australia. And it’s awesome!
  4. Insurance, we provide the insurance from Lloyd’s.
  5. Supervision of events, where necessary we provide the supervision anywhere at all in Australia.

Prizetech Pty Ltd is administered by Coverforce Insurance Broking Pty Ltd (Australian Financial Services Licence AFSL 302522)

If you need help with your promotion, promotional insurance package or prize insurance contact Prizetech by using the web form or by phoning us on 1800 986 445.