What We Offer

Make your great promotions really awesome.

This is only a sample of some brilliant options you can add to enhance your next promotion. We can fully customise almost anything to incorporate your logo, company, brand or product.

Promotional Ideas


We’ve lots of options available with AFL or NRL kicking promotions.

As an example our popular barrel (pictured) is a rather iconic Australian
option talk to us for many options.

  • Powder coated aluminium finish
  • Vinyl graphics
  • Barrel fully customised with your brand and colour scheme
  • Rubber rims top and bottom
  • Barrel stands at 1200mm tall and 850mm wide
  • (Hole at top of barrel will depend on code of football)
  • Cost is $2,552 + freight


One of our most popular products, our custom dice tables are really special.
These are a full size regulation craps tables that can be used for all sorts of
ongoing promotions, both regular or insured.

As we have done in our own showroom you can even have an optional
table top allowing you to use the table as a meeting table outside of
promotion times.

  • Dice table sits at 1.8m long and 1m high
  • Table carpet is fully customised with your brand and colour scheme
  • Diamond rubbers at each end of the table in your chosen colour
  • Wall around the table sits at 28cm high with leather arm rest around
    top of table
  • Table comes with legs that can be any colour and wheels that lock
  • Cost is $3,500 + freight


Your very own custom branded Dice will make for many exciting low-cost
promotions that will appeal to all ages.

  • 18mm sized dice
  • Custom coloured dice
  • Logo insert optional
  • Letter insert optional
  • Cost is $50 + freight (per set)


Dice roll promotions are great, however these can be spectacular when you
are using your own branded giant dice. Your draw might be at a major
sporting venue or a shopping centre or in a studio, the options are endless.

The dice can be made in your company or club colour to reflect the branding. They also make a great display after your promotion finishes.

  • 6 sided dice with your custom logo and letters
  • Any colour is available
  • Measuring 500mm x 500mm x 500mm
  • Neoprene outer and soft foam core – extra bouncy
  • Cost $1,122 + freight for a set of 3 dice (can vary based on graphics)


Super fun, poker themed promotion which provides really great
theatre in your venue.

  • Full graphics backboard with your brand/club and
    colour scheme
  • Clear faced holders for cards
  • Cards are 200mm wide x 280mm high
  • The board is 2.5m wide and 1.2m high
  • Cost is $3,370 + freight


These super-sized cards enhance the fun and theatre of any promotion.

  • Card size is 200mm wide x 280mm high
  • Logo can be inserted on the back of the cards
  • Colour can be chosen on the back of the

Remember a single unused set of cards is required for any insured draw,
this set will remain in the supervisors possession until the insured draw so
you need to budget for additional sets of cards for any preliminary draws.
Prizetech will help you with this.


Taking our Safecrack promotion to another level, this super bank model
safe is mighty impressive.
This looks and feels like a high value traditional old style security safe for
maximum visual impact.

  • Textured black steel look/finish with recessed wheels
  • Embossed logo at base, the one pictured is branded as Prizetech
  • The stand is 1.5m high and 0.6m wide
  • Cost is $2,360 + freight (for standard option pictured, other options
    for more specific company branding can be provided)


We can create different types of stands for the Safecrack promotion.

  • Pictured is an example of one we created for a property sector client.
    This can really enhance your visual branding and the display
  • Stands are made from expanded polystyrene sheet so are of a high
    quality so you can retain and re-use it ongoing
  • Each safe stand is designed to your specific requirements with your
    own branding so you’ll have to refer to Prizetech for costs.


When you offer a Safecrack promotion we can customise the tablet
screens with pictures you select for the win and lose screens and feature
your own audio clip.

  • Simply provide us with what you want to see after a successful or
    unsuccessful attempt and the team at Prizetech will program the
    app to suit
  • Options could be your product jingle, your football club song or
    music synonymous with your product
  • $605 (no freight)


See board as pictured.

  • 1.9m wide and 1.5m tall
  • 40 black canisters with a colour inside
  • You can insert your own brand and custom to the
    colour scheme
  • Backboard colour optional
  • Cost is $2,705 + freight

This is offered in both a physical and electronic format
(you select which you prefer). The electronic version can be fully customised in exciting ways including :

  • You can change the 40 envelopes to 40 objects of
    your choice. Maybe your product, your logo or even
    members of your playing group for clubs.
  • This incredible new feature is available from only $220 (no freight)


Another option for spinning wheel promotions are manual spinning wheels great for having a grand centre piece in your venue the wheel is customisable so you can brand it with your businesses colours.

  • 100 Pins
  • The wheel is 1,150MM in diameter
  • A Circle 300MM in diameter in the centre of the wheel that you can customise with your own logo
  • Stand is 1,674MM Tall and the base is 750MM in Length and width
  • Total height of the wheel & stand 2,019MM
  • Handle and Wheels on stand to make mobility of the wheel easy
  • Price $4,330 Including GST