Legal Compliance for Prize Competitions

Running Promotions in Australia

Because each state and territory have their own unique regulations, Prizetech will help you with your requirements. Two categories of trade Promotion prevail in Australia, here are the details:

Skill Based Promotions Permits

Skill based promotions don’t usually need a promotion permit but competition legal requirements mean you need carefully drafted Terms and Conditions. These ‘competition rules’ have to be published and available, they detail your rules and providing clarity on how you’ll select the winner/s.

You may want to use our pre draw software to select the winner/s to meet the competition legal requirements.

Insuring Chance Based Competitions

Usually, chance based promotions require a random selection of the winner/s. So these promotions or competitions are separately regulated by each Australian State or Territory. Where your promotion or competition is available to residents of multiple states you have to ensure compliance with the regulation of every state and territory.

Australian State Permits for Promotions or Competitions

In New South Wales, South Australia, A.C.T. and Northern Territory you might need to arrange competition permits. Variables determining this include your prize value and details on the Promotion distribution. Where you need competition permits Prizetech will arrange this for you.

All promotion legal requirements can be met for you by Prizetech.

Australian Regulation

Each state and territory have unique competition legal requirements dictating permits, draw criteria, terms and conditions and result notification. Breaching regulations can result in severe penalties for both the individuals and entities involved.

Prizetech offers you promotional legal compliance at each of the critical stages being:

  1. Initial competition legal compliance preparing T&C’s and securing promotion permits
  2. Technology to draw the winner (we call this pre-draw software). So many promotions get this wrong; they later regret it.
  3. Draw technology and post draw promotional legal compliance

Legal Disclaimer for Information about Running Competitions and Skill Based Promotions in Australia

These details are general in nature so you must not rely on them. All legal drafting, terms and conditions and Permits are arranged by our preferred firm, Permitz Group.
To see a full list of Permit Prices for each State Click Here