Broadcasting Prize Insured Promotions

Broadcasting your Prizetech draw is the perfect way to engage and entertain your audience.

So, you’ve run a terrific promotion, you’ve selected your winning contestant and you’re ready to execute the draw. It’s something you’re really proud of.

So when it comes to executing the draw you can run it in a way that, well …. isn’t …. boring.

You can broadcast your draw, hosted by quality presenters in a professional stream that’s exciting, engaging and presents you’re company professionally.And you can upload the vision to your web and social platforms – this allows your customers and future customers to further engage with your business in a fun, professional and entertaining way.

You probably know one-third of all online activity today is spent watching video.People really enjoy videos.

• A survey recently 82 percent of viewers said they prefer watching a live stream rather than a brand’s social media content.
• And it’s not just customers. Executives also love watching videos; 59% of business executives would rather watch a video than reading text.

Prizetech provide an inexpensive broadcast option for your draws which includes:

• Awesome presenters / talent
• TV Studio, graphics and script support
• Delivery of your recording in MP4 or a host of other formats suitable for uploading to your web and social platforms

This is a recent example of one of our draws.