Prizetech The Worlds First Prize Insurance Showroom

You have got to see the world’s first and biggest prize insurance showroom. Visitors have described Prizetech’s prize insurance showroom as absolutely amazing and incredible. It is a must visit for anyone wanting to run a phenomenal promotion for their business.


Prizetech’s Unique Prize Insurance Showroom has all its premier Prize Insurance products on display and so much more. You must come in to roll our custom branded dice to see if you can spin a winning combination, we also have our Ultimate 20 Board on display – can you select the winning combination to win the big prize? Or you may enjoy our very popular Draw till You Win game in electronic and manual forms can you pick the 5 blue cards? And the ever popular safecrack is here -can you crack the code (and you’ll see further enhancement to this promotion too)?

99 bottles of beer display looks amazing and can give you an idea of how you can set up your very own display in your bar. You can spin our electronic wheel using the big red button (or maybe the new big blue button) to see if you hit on the winning number. But the pick of the bunch is our brand new dot drops board perfect for all types of businesses promotions you can see all this and much more in our prize Insurance showroom.


It’s not just the products that make our Prize Insurance showroom the best in the world, it’s the ideas you can pick up off our industry leading specialists in Australian Insured prize promotions. Better still you’ll have a winning combination of coffee and popcorn. So make a time then come on down to South Melbourne where you’ll experience the best ideas for Australian Insured Prize Promotions.

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