Dice Roll Promotions and Insured Competitions

Dice Roll is a fully insured prize promotion event where Prizetech supplies everything including all the equipment, dice table, customized dice, competition insurance and 24-hour support.

All you need to supply is the event and the people.

With Prizetech’s help, you can run a successful dice roll promotion which will be an engaging and profitable fully insured dice competition or promotion.

We Supply the Equipment and Prize Insurance for your Dice Promotion

  • The Dice: We supply fully branded dice for your competition. Five sides are branded with your logo and the sixth side is a winner.
  • The Table: We provide our custom designed dice table to enhance the promotion.
  • The competition:  You determine who plays then the contestant gets to spin the dice.
  • The Prize: You decide what the price will be and Prizetech will fully insure the prize. Whether it be a Car, new boat or even a million dollars Prizetech will insure you for all wins.

Dice roll competitions are the perfect promotion for the next charity event or sales promotion. The event’s success is guaranteed by having an exciting competition to engage participants and excite onlookers.

If there is a winner the prize is insured – Prizetech pays.

We provide complete prize insurance cover for the entire dice promotion so not matter how many dice throws winners there are, you are covered.

Other Advantages of an Insured Dice Roll Promotion

Another feature is the ability to use a dice roll promotion for data capture; you can require contestants to provide their contact details before being eligible to roll the dice.

You can also use the Dice Promotion to showcase your product, these are popular with car dealers, boat dealers and caravan dealers who can display their product at or near the dice roll promotion.

You can even leverage your Promotion to raise money for charity. As an example, a car dealership might run a win a car promotion over a weekend with contestants expected to make a gold coin donation to the local school. This can enhance your promotion significantly while helping to generate revenue for a really worthwhile cause.

Prizetechs Dice Roll tables are a really popular and easily followed promotional activity. The branded dice add excitement with your brand featuring on five sides of the dice.

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